The sealing process is extremely easy so do not worry just remember to do it!

First make sure you have cleaned your countertops with a little bit of soap and water or with a stone cleaner that can be purchased at almost any local supermarket.

Make sure the surface is completely dry after wiping it off with a paper towel or cleaning cloth.

Most granite sealers you will find at the supermarkets or local home improvements stores will come in a sprayer bottle which makes it very easy to evenly apply  the sealant on your stone countertop.

After the sealant has been applied to the stone let it sit for about 15-20 minutes ( this will allow the sealant to impregnate the stone and clog up the pores ) .

You’re done! Your stone is sealed and all you have to do now is clean off  the excess sealant if any is still left on the surface with a paper towel. ( Just to be on the safe side we recommend after wiping the excess sealer off to wait 1-2 hours before actualling cleaning the surface again with soap and water or any type of stone cleaner)

granite top cleaning


Stone Type Maintenance Required
Granite Sealing is required every 6 months for light colors and every 12 months for dark colors
Marble We recommend sealing marble every 3 months due to its higher porosity
Quartz No sealing required.You use almost any mild household cleaner. Windex or Lysol will do the job just fine.
Quartzite Quartzites are not all the same. Some are porous and some are not and they are very hard to identify which are or aren't. We recommend  sealing quartzite countertops every 6 months.